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Wrestling in Winston Salem

Wrestling is the art of utilizing specific techniques which allows one to take an adversary from a standing position to the ground and then maintain control while on the ground. It is also used to prevent one from being taken to the ground.

Wrestling techniques are great for gaining the upper hand once someone has their hands on you. Wrestling has become widely sought after due to its proven success in the Ultimate Fighting Championships and other mixed martial arts competitions. Wrestling programs are now being implemented in all well rounded martial arts curriculum.

* Wrestling at AMAA is taught by 2 Time All American and 4 Time SEC Champ- Ethan Reeve

Wrestling in Winston Salem

2 Time All American Ethan Reeve


Wrestling 203 (Path to Mastery)

Premise-This curriculum is designed for those who:

  • Want a comprehensive and structure wresting program
  • Want a program that is scaled from beginner to advanced
  • Want to compete in the various grappling arts
  • Want to learn how to keep a situation standing
  • Want to learn how to take a situation to the ground
  • Desire an A-Z wrestling program

Curriculum- This is the curriculum established by 2 time All American and collegiate wrestling coach Ethan Reeve.

*You check in as you enter the academy and we keep up with the classes you have attended. This way we can ensure you are at you best on game day!

Advancing-There is no testing with this curriculum

wrestling in winston salem