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EQUIP Women’s Self Defense in Winston Salem

Women's Self Defense in Winston Salem

Women that are EQUIPED

EQUIP Women’s Self Defense does just that. With 1 in 5 women being assaulted in NC, this women only program equips women with the invaluable tools they need to survive an attack.

The program was developed over a 20 year period combining the absolute best and most proven techniques available to deal with attacks in different situations and environments. This program covers the mental and physical aspects of an attack and cover processes before the attack, during the attack and even after the attack.

We also address nearly every imaginable situation such as attacker standing –you standing, attacking standing-you on the ground, attacker on the ground-you on the ground etc…

Having a well thought out and tested plan will make the difference in a life or death situation. Don’t be a victim and try an EQUIP program today.


EQUIP (Self Defense for Women) 501-503 Series

Premise: This class series was developed to

  • Prepare women for the emotional and physical elements involved in an attack
  • Educate women in preventative measures and attack avoidance
  • Teach women the common methods of attack and how to defend themselves with proven techniques
  • Educate women on the common environmental concerns involved with assault
  • Educate women on the common weapons used and how to defend against them
  • Educate women on the use of weapons for personal protection and which may suit them
  • Educate women on the varying ranges of attack, whether far, near or on the ground

Curriculum: Each Series is a total of 8 one and a half hour classes taught over an 8 week period.

Equip 501 (Standup Series) Level 1

  1. Consist of learning how to make yourself less of a target.
  2. Fundamentals of how to stand and be aware of your surroundings
  3. Escapes from being grabbed from behind, front, one arm, two arm
  4. Basic 20 techniques proven to save your life.


Equip 502 (Ground Series) Level 2

  1. How to return to your feet if you are attacked and thrown down
  2. 4 key positions you need to know to survive attacks while grounded
  3. 4 proven escapes that every women should know


Equip 503 (Inner Circle Series) Level 3 (Eligible only after completion of 501 and 502)

  1. Tested survival techniques both for self-defense and real world applications
  2. A combination applying both level one and level two programs
  3. Graduates will be able to escape a situation both standing as well as on the ground
  4. Focuses on becoming 100% prepared at all times for any situation that may occur


Advancing: Graduates will receive a certificate for each series completed. Upon graduating from the 503 series, all participants receive an EQUIP T-shirt and an EQUIP- Self Protection kit.